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Trading in difficult circumstances can result in a wealth of problems, impacting on both creditors and directors. Often companies continue to trade in financial circumstances that could give rise to potential personal liability for the company’s officers as well as possibly exposing creditors and other stakeholders to greater losses.

At PCR we believe in avoiding formal insolvency proceedings where possible and provide, where appropriate, clear advice on trading out of difficult circumstances by eliciting support from stakeholders in financial restructuring.

Sometimes formal insolvency processes cannot be avoided and in these circumstances PCR provide assistance in the full range of insolvency processes carried out under UK legislation.

We have offices in Uxbridge, Newcastle, London, Bristol and Sussex with additional representatives in Hertfordshire with clients coming to us from all over the UK.

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Case Studies

  • “Lee proved yet again that he was able to profitably manage the business, and craft a sale that provided value for stakeholders in what was a commercially and technically difficult situation.” Stewart Perry – Clyde & Co      Read This Case Study ››

  • “We felt a great deal of relief when we instructed PCR as we assumed it was the end of the road for our business. PCR recommended some tough measures but the results speak for themselves.” Finance Director      Read This Case Study ››

  • “PCR having the foresight to involve us early on allowed us to assist them in maximising realisations.” Quantity Surveyor      Read This Case Study ››

The financial failure of customers is a fact of business life. Credit control can only go so far and often only mitigates rather than removes the risk of loss. If you are reading this the chances are that your credit managers are trying to deal with an unexpected customer insolvency and you are faced with a fog of procedures and bureaucracy promising little return for an undefined effort.

Don’t waste valuable company time. Take a look at PCR Creditor Services and engage our experts to administer your claim from the outset. The reality is that debts from insolvent companies are rarely paid in full and unsecured creditors are inevitably at the bottom of the pile, so it is all too easy to give a corporate shrug and put the debt down to experience rather than chase a distant payout. At PCR we know the process inside out and will work the system on your behalf with dogged determination to win every possible pound back.

On appointment we shall:

  • Attend creditors' meeting to sniff out information that can enhance any claim.
  • Scrutinise proposals from Liquidators for voluntary arrangements or informal schemes to ensure they offer the best prospects for creditors.
  • Properly submit dividend claims and proxy forms at the correct times.
  • Keep you informed as to likely divided prospects and other key issues.
  • Strongly present views and arguments beneficial to you to committee of creditors.
  • Work with the appointed insolvency practitioner to resolve disputes over the amount or validity of your claims.

During the insolvency process we shall:

  • Advise and assist wherever possible on any reclaimable VAT
  • Ensure wherever possible that you claim and retain title to goods and services.
  • Observe and investigate the liquidators assets recovery program and investigate any opacity.
  • Monitor and report on fees charged by the appointed Insolvency Practitioner, challenging them if required in order to ensure they are providing creditors with value for money.
  • Maintain a careful watch on all dividend payments to creditors.

We cannot promise to recover all of your losses, but we can minimise them and ensure that you enjoy fair treatment at the hands of the appointed liquidator.

Contact us now and ask about how we can help you with the financial failure of a customer...

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