Solar Clouds

Ever since the Government implemented a solar tariff cut in January 2016, the outlook for many renewable energy companies appeared to look bleak. To compound these fears, the massive cut in Government subsidies has resulted in a staggering 80 percent fall in solar panel installations. The implications of this are many, with numerous challenges facing business owners, both manufacturers and installers, not to mention the 12,000 jobs which were lost last year in the UK solar industry.

Of alarming concern is the significant drop of large-scale solar schemes on hospitals, factories and other large buildings, with an apparent 65 percent drop reported. Additionally, between January and March, there were about 650 rooftop deployments a week compared to an average of 2,700 reported in 2010 – a fall of more than 75 percent.

As a business owner, it is important for you to understand how this will affect your business. At PCR we can, on your behalf, model how this change will affect your bottom line and provide advice on how best to continue trading successfully. The earlier you present us with your challenges, the more time we have to understand your individual business needs and provide a range of solutions without a recourse to an insolvency procedure.

What should you do?

Those businesses who do nothing could face failure and insolvency. Proactive business owners who seek advice now will have the opportunity to be ahead of the curve and exploit the benefits of a narrowing marketplace.

At PCR, we actively seek real time solutions to challenges facing companies and we have a track record of producing positive results for clients. If you are facing difficulties, steps taken now to resolve these could ensure the continuity of your business. It is therefore essential to make contact with us as early as possible and seek expert advice to ensure the onward stability of your business.

We are offering all renewable energy firms a free initial consultation, which is private and confidential and without obligation. To arrange a meeting with us, please complete the contact form for an immediate meeting. 

Ahmed Ali
Marketing & Practice Development Executive 

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