Sam Talby, Partner at PCR

We are pleased to announce that Sam Talby, Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, Chartered Certified Accountant and Accredited Mediator has joined us at partner level and here he explains his career to date and his ambitions and aims within PCR.

I have spent the last 8 years of my career at partner level in the South West of England with two firms providing restructuring, recovery and insolvency advice to individuals and business owners facing financial or operational uncertainty. Prior to that, I spent 17 years in London practices working my way up from trainee to higher management within small to medium sized accountancy firms.

I am very pleased to have become, with effect from 1 June 2015, a partner in PCR. As a firm, we are able to offer effective and relevant help and advice to those facing difficulties. We can also play a pivotal role in reshaping businesses both solvent and insolvent.

My aim is to help individuals and business people (often under stress), make the right decisions, at the appropriate time.

My experience to date includes mediation training and has enabled me to guide individuals/directors (non judgmentally), to make the right choices within the regulatory frameworks in which we all exist. My aim is to provide a road map of where they are; where they could be (whether good or bad); and where I can guide them. For me there is no sitting on the fence!

This may or may not require the use of procedures available under the Insolvency Act.

As an individual, I am a family man: married with two teenagers. My hobbies include guitar plucking; dog-walking; drink swallowing and inexpertly playing golf. This I hope qualifies me as being a fairly normal member of the human race.

What PCR and I offer includes:

  • A rounded understanding of businesses and their processes
  • Solution oriented advice
  • A human face

Professionally I am ambitious for my firm to grow and that means providing advice that makes a positive difference.

Sam Talby

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